The Choice

Workers and families in the Bay Area are competing for good-paying jobs in a rapidly changing global economy. It’s a race for the future we cannot afford to lose. We need a Congressman who understands this new economy and how to give our workers and children the tools they need to succeed; a Congressman with the ideas and energy to keep our area on the cutting edge of innovation and job-creation. Mike Honda cannot provide that kind of leadership. Ro Khanna will.

Mike Honda is a nice guy who’s spent 40 years in politics. But is he still up to the job? After 14 years in Congress, he has passed only one bill into law – to name a post office. Not a single other bill that Honda has authored has ever passed, or even been voted on in the House. His 465 missed votes over that time is the worst attendance record of any California Democrat, and second-most of any Democrat in the entire House, who came to Congress when he did.

Despite this lack of effectiveness, Mike Honda has rewarded himself by voting to raise his pay 10 times and has collected well over $2 million in salary since entering Congress. With several public pensions on top of his Congressional salary, he’s taking over $225,000 from the taxpayers every year. But it doesn’t stop there. Honda has taken 52 special interest-funded trips, costing $122,366, including six separate trips to South Korea. This puts him in the top 4% of the House and is more than both of the other Silicon Valley representatives combined. Bottom-line: Mike Honda has been delivering for himself, not for us.

Ro Khanna will be a different kind of Congressman, bringing new energy and ideas to the fight for working families in the Bay Area. Ro teaches at Stanford’s Department of Economics and Santa Clara Law School, is a former Deputy Assistant U.S. Secretary of Commerce and authored a highly-praised book on high-tech manufacturing — all focused on helping the U.S. to compete in the global economy and bring more good-paying jobs to our shores. Ro has championed an innovative plan to improve education and transform our economy by teaching computer coding in public schools, increasing opportunities for women in science and technology, and preparing young people for high-tech manufacturing careers. The San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Chronicle endorsed his campaign.

The choice for Bay Area voters this November is clear: stick with tired, ineffective leadership that has failed to deliver for the young people and working families of our district while taking care of himself, or elect a dynamic new leader with the energy and ideas to put our future first.

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About Truth Squad

The Truth Squad is a group of Ro's volunteers in California's 17th District who are committed to a campaign based on facts and ideas rather than insults and distortions.