February 14, 2014

Honda Campaign Inflates Record

Congressman Honda’s campaign has inflated his record in key areas recently. Here are the facts behind some of those claims:

  • In a recent video, Dhaval Brahmbhatt of the SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council says that “he [Honda] initiated the first bill” on nanotechnology.
  • The campaign video also quotes the Mercury News headline on Congressman Honda’s hand in the BART project: “Rep. Honda secures federal money for the BART Silicon Valley Extension.”
    • Rep. Honda secured a $2 million earmark for the BART extension from the House Appropriations Committee. He initially asked for $20 million, and the $2 million he actually received was a very small percentage of the $900 million that the Federal Transit Administration ultimately granted the project in 2012.
    • The federal funding only came after voters in Santa Clara County approved a half-cent sales tax. 

Congressman Mike Honda has authored only one bill in his entire Congressional tenure that became law: "to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1750 Lundy Avenue in San Jose, California”.

Not a single bill that Congressman Honda has authored (other than the aforementioned post office naming) has been voted on in the House. 


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